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Streamline your work day with coMwork.
the integrated platform to collaborate, share documents and manage all your collections in the cloud.

Museum Management
A state-of-the-art application to manage tasks, collections, staff and external partners. Easy to use, fast and reliable.
  • Access your data from any device, anywhere
  • User login: create user profiles and assign different permissions according to the type of user (your staff, external partners or temporary users)
  • Manage loans, restoration projects, inventories, documentations, handling and relocation of objects, security and shipment requirements
  • Synchronized Data: All updates to a given object are automatically associated to its card: hence, immediately displayed and accessible from any section of the platform. All data are integrated and flow automatically from the section “procedures” to the “Catalogue”
  • Use keywords for intuitive search: find easily what you are looking for within each section of the platform (Catalogue, Activities, Digital Archive)
  • Use filters for advanced search to retrieve specific data objects undergoing restoration, on loan, handling and relocation of objects, risk and security assessments …
  • Create dossiers and digital reports by attaching documents and images to objects on loan, undergoing restoration, on display…Run reports of completed activities to assess the results achieved
  • User-friendly interfaces and fast workflow: we have implemented state-of the art UI/UIX so you can customize how you view the catalogue, according to your needs: by images and captions or by management data. See at a glance which objects are on display, on loan, on storage, undergoing restoration and their condition reports
  • Download and print cards from the catalogue, the inventory or the museum’s registers, condition and facility reports and objects’ captions

A single catalogue for all types of objects (archaeological finds, paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photos, scientific instruments …) always accessible from any device, anywhere and publishable online
  • Data portability and export of the museum’s catalogue and digital archive are guaranteed by the use of a single descriptive standard, Spectrum5, used by over 7000 museums in 40 countries and mapped on other descriptive schemas: ICCD 3.0, ICCD 4.0 and LIDO xml
  • Create at a click of a button a new card in the catalogue and add all the relevant information(field labels in natural language; tooltip to provide information and suggestions, auto-fill for repetitive fields)
  • Terminology verifier tool, based on the ICCD standard vocabulary, integrated with the Getty Thesaurus of Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names®, Art & Architecture Thesaurus® e Union List of Artist Names®
  • Upload and manage data in a variety of format:texts, images, videos, presentations, spreadsheets…
  • User-friendly interfaces and fast workflow we have implemented state-of the art UI/UIX to make any update effortless and straightforward
  • Real-time publication of your data in the online catalogue: a simple click to decide which objects and which data to publish on the web. Update your online catalogue on the go!
  • Access your data and your catalogue from any device,anywhere
  • Use keywords for intuitive search: find easily what you are looking for within each section of the platform (Catalogue, Activities, Digital Archive)
  • Use filters for advanced search to retrieve specific data: objects undergoing restoration, on loan, handling and relocation of objects, risk and security assessments…

Digital archive
One single archive for all digital resources: secure, easy to use and with very fast response time.
  • Archive multi-format data: upload and manage a variety of file formats (texts, images, videos, presentations, spreadsheets…)
  • Access data in your archive from any device, anywhere
  • Use keywords for intuitive search
  • Use filters for advanced search to retrieve easily specific datao
  • Ultra high-resolution images: coMwork has integrated IIIF technology (International Image Interoperability Framework™). An innovative open source application to manage ultra high-resolution images, including zooming and editing features.
  • Avoid image duplicates: : the software allows you to upload just one image. Select the one with the highest resolution and coMwork will automatically resize it to meet the platform requirements as or make it suitable for the web
  • Download and automatic resizing: you can download images ready to use, with the correct resolution according to your needs, social media, printed catalogues…Simply select the image, choose the resolution and click download
  • An effortless way to create metadata: technical metadata are created automatically by coMwork while descriptive metadata can be easily edited and updated
  • Manage copyright for accessing and publishing images both on and off line. Just choose the license your prefer to manage the use of images online and off line
  • Link: use the link icon to view what each digital resource is attached to within the entire platform.

Work together
Make the most of the first shared environment where you can collaborate and be always up-to-date with the museum activities.
  • Coworking: coMwork offers a virtual shared environment where you can work with external partners, streamlining the workflow and reducing costs
  • User login:create user profiles and assign different permissions to your staff, external partners etc…
  • Activity alerts: receive real-time notifications about museum activities and actions performed by museum staff or external partners
  • Shared calendar:an application to arrange appointments and schedule activities with the museum staff. Streamline your work, get other colleagues on board, share goals and results achieved
  • Work with external partners: just a few clicks to share documents with colleagues, scholars, researchers, conservators and publishers. Select the files, add the email address, choose the permissions (read-only; download, expiry date etc.) and press send. coMwork will email the login information to your contact who will then be able to access the shared files in a secure area within the platform
  • Shared catalogue let other museums access your catalogue and browse through catalogues shared by others. This feature is available even if you choose to keep your catalogue private
  • Access your data from any device, anywhere

Security of your data is paramount. That’s why we use Enter Cloud Suite, the first European cloud service, open source and multi-region, based on OpenStack .
  • Enter Cloud Suitewas chosen by the EU Commission as official provider of IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), a public service for cloud computing, for all EU institutions.
    Enter Cloud Suite is ISO27001:2013 certified, and is now undergoing both the ISO27018:2014 (cloud service provider standard) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification process.
  • Enter Cloud Suite – Flavor E 3: this is the service level we have chosen. It offers fixed size (25GB) storage based on SSD drives, allowing a thousand-fold more Input/Output operations per second (IOPS) on the drive.
  • Object storage: a reliable storage system to archive securely and permanently multimedia files, even of considerable size and on inexpensive hardware
  • Data recovery
  • Privacy
  • Backup
  • Secure log-in: All instances are accessible only via a valid SSH private/public key.
    They can be protected by a local firewall or a perimetral one.BGP-based Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is in place and protects the whole network in each region from attacks up to hundreds of Gbps.
  • Vulnerability assessment e penetration test are performed regularly and security breaches are identified and fixed timely

Release 1 


Release 2 Release 3
New features regularly added!

Our goal is to provide you with state of the art applications to manage your collection. That’s why we invest time and energy in developing new features, to
constantly evolve according to industry trends.

CoMwork regularly adds new features to offer you applications which are up-to-date, high performing and meet your needs..

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